Force phplist to re-fetch Top Level Domains.

Question from a client recently; why won’t my phplist installation subscribe an email address?

phplist still stores a default list of TLDs in admin/inc/userlib.php –  as a fallback for the TLD list it now stores in the internet_tlds row of the phplist_config database table.  

By default it checks and fetches new TLDs every 180 days.

You can override this behaviour by temporarily adding the line:


to config/config.php and waiting for 1200 seconds / 20 minutes, checking that the internet_tlds row has been updated and replacing the config definition with its default value;


The public URL listing the TLDs is defined in admin/init.php as:

define('TLD_AUTH_LIST', '');

and used within admin/lib.php within:

function refreshTlds()

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