Fix for Filemaker Pro 10 on OSX 10.8.5’s inability to “remote open” databases.

Clearing up some overdue updates (10.8.4>>5) on a couple of Mountain Lion machines, I came across this:

FIlemaker 10.03 opens with no apparent problem, creates and plays fine with local databases, but dumbly refuses to list any on a server in the same subnet.

Telnet to the server’s port 5003 worked and the server itself was visible in the “open remote” dialogue, but where the databases should’ve been – pure snowy-white #fff.

cat /var/log/system.log | grep filemaker

…gave a clue;

com.filemaker.messages[579]: 2014-01-15 15:56:20.302 +0000 [AttachThread_acd0fa28] ConstructORB() caught a CORBA INITIALIZE exception

exceptions relating to CORBA – indicating, as nothing else in the app had changed, that the client wasn’t talking to the server securely any more. “Certificates” I thought. To think is to -g-o-o-g-l-e- duckduckgo.

Sure enough, the internet provided and lead me on to a similar fix for Filemaker Pro 9.x on Mountain Lion – relating to an old, ppc-only OpenSSL library. The iMacs we were using *had* worked – but the certificates in use dated back to 2003. Replacing them with more recent certs and restarting Filemaker Pro gave an instant, solid connection to the databases on the server.


Show Contents of the Filemaker in /Applications, and replace the cert(s) with those from a more recent trial version (11 onwards):

/Applications/FileMaker Pro 10/FileMaker

/Applications/FileMaker Pro 10/FileMaker

Restart Filemaker.