Routing problem(?) between BeThere and Talktalk

I’m trying to ssh to an OpenSSHD-equipped host at {redacted}.{dynservice}.org (a TalkTalk consumer adsl account) from an nix laptop on a BeThere ADSL network.

I have no problem using ssh to connect to other servers on the internet from BeThere. *But* when I disconnect my laptop from the landline Wi-Fi and tether it through a Vodafone android phone, the laptop can ssh into the host at {redacted}.{dynservice}.org perfectly. The time-out problem only seems to arise when I’m trying to ssh from my BeThere ADSL account.

Truth table:

  • Vodafone to Bethere = ssh OK
  • Vodafone to BT = ssh OK
  • Bethere to BT = ssh FAIL

When I traceroute between the hosts, there seems to some kind of routing loop (repeated patterns of IP addresses in the traceroute).


As of this morning, the ssh-gap (and the apparent routing loop) had cleared up. Still haven’t had a definitive answer from BeThere, but I”m happy that someone, somewhere has fixed something.

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